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What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is an electronic currency which was founded in the year 2009. Bitcoin, otherwise known as cryptocurrency was created using complicated mathematical equations and monitored by millions of computer users otherwise called 'miners'. Essentially, bitcoins are long strings of computational codes which are converted from electricity and have monetary value.

The advent of bitcoin ensures that monetary payments are made securely and money is stored while protecting the privacy of the people involved. According to its originators, bitcoin helps liberate money in a similar manner to how the internet helped liberate information and make it free.

Why Bitcoins?

Bitcoins can also be used to purchase goods while protecting the privacy of the buyers. Intercontinental transactions are also seamless and less expensive due to the act that bitcoins aren't regulated by any country. Bitcoins are also devoid of credit card charges which makes it beneficial to small businesses. Individuals also purchase bitcoins as investment with the hope that they would surge in value.

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